Algorand Network Sees Surge in Active Users With Over 175K Active Users Amidst Node Reward Criteria Update

The Algorand network experienced a remarkable surge in active users, reaching over 175,000 individuals on a single day. This surge represents a significant increase compared to the year-to-date average of approximately 40,000 users. Notably, the last time Algorand witnessed such high user activity was back in December 2023. Is Algorand waking up? The @Algorand network […]


Investors Face Challenges As Algorand Struggles Amidst Price Decline And Development Activity Drop

Recent statistics from IntoTheBlock reveal a challenging scenario for Algorand ($ALGO) investors, with a notable 88% experiencing losses. The cryptocurrency has encountered a 14% price decline within the past 7 days, coupled with a significant 50% drop in development activity over a span of 2 weeks, contributing to an overall sense of difficulty. Algorand $ALGO […]