Hashflow’s Token Unlock: How It Affects the Cross-Chain Trading Platform

This week points to a critical improvement in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) as Hashflow’s native token, $HFT, plans to unlock a significant number of tokens. Roughly 74% of circulating supply comparable to around 160 million $HFT, is set to open up.  The circulation plan distributes 22% for the center group, 22% for ecosystem […]

Market Analysis

CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (October 28) – Links Advances Surges As It Breaks Significantly Out Of Range, Possible Retest In Play

Chainlink’s price appeared to have entered an overbought zone following a 50% rally in a week. It rejected $12 this week and remained calm ever since. Buying may be suspended if the price further retraces in the next few days. Link’s price dropped to as low as $4.76 while trading in a long tight range […]