Market Analysis

Smart Trader 0x8d73 Buys $500K In ENS Despite Bearish Market Trends

In a surprising move, smart trader 0x8d73 has purchased approximately $500K worth of ENS tokens, even as both $BTC and $ENS prices are declining. According to data from, this trader has acquired 18.39K ENS tokens in the past 16 hours. Shortly after the acquisition, 15.49K ENS tokens, valued at around $414K, were transferred to […]


Ethereum Name Service ($ENS) Tops Gainers List with 16% Price Surge

Ethereum Name Service ($ENS) has emerged as the top gainer this past week, according to CoinMarketCap, boasting an impressive 16% increase in price. This surge has outpaced other notable gainers such as $UNI, $TON, and $LDO. The primary driver behind this price rally is a significant uptick in Ethereum Name Service NFT sales. Over the […]