Worldcoin’s Native Token $WLD Plummets Amidst Increased Selling Pressure

The native token of Sam Altman’s iris-scanning initiative, Worldcoin, has encountered a significant setback, with its token, $Wld, witnessing a sharp decline of 15% within the past day, hitting a low of $4.953. The daily trading volume of WLD has surged to $920 million, marking a remarkable 127% increase. This surge in trading activity comes […]


World ID Project Gains Momentum In Argentina And Global Recognition

The World ID project has achieved significant strides in Argentina, capturing widespread attention globally, particularly revolving around the advancements associated with Worldcoin.Worldcoin. The project has notably set new records in Argentina, surpassing other nations and showcasing its popularity on a national scale. Following the introduction of World ID 2.0, the latest iteration of Worldcoin’s secure, […]