Exciting News As Binance Launches Aevo (AEVO) On Leading Exchanges

In an eagerly awaited development, Binance, alongside other reputable exchanges such as Bitget and Okx, has officially listed Aevo (AEVO) as part of its 48th Launchpool. 

With an initial trading price of $3, AEVO is making waves as a cutting-edge decentralized derivatives exchange (DEX), poised to revolutionize options and perpetual trading in the cryptocurrency space.

Reports suggest that market makers for Binance’s New Coin Mining Token $AEVO could include industry giants like Amber Group and Wintermute, highlighting the significant interest and involvement of key players in the cryptocurrency market.

Just prior to listing, Aevo’s project multi-signature address transferred a substantial amount of 9 million AEVO tokens to various addresses, with 700,000 tokens being deposited into OKX. 

Another notable transaction saw Wintermute, a major market participant, receiving 5 million AEVO tokens from the project party’s multi-signature address.

The market-making situation for AEVO is robust, with Amber Group and Wintermute leading the charge with market quantities of 9 million and 5 million coins, respectively.

Further AEVO Claim Reveals To Monitor

On-chain reports provide further insights into the distribution and activity surrounding AEVO. The top three claim quantities of AEVO highlight the widespread interest in the token, with significant amounts being claimed and deposited across various wallets and exchanges.

Notably, one individual claimed an airdrop of 400,303 AEVO tokens, valued at $1.18 million, and subsequently deposited them into Binance.

With a current market value of $343 million, AEVO has quickly gained traction and stands at an impressive #245 by Market capitalization, signaling growing investor confidence and market recognition for the project.

Overall, the listing of AEVO on top cryptocurrency exchanges marks a significant milestone for the project, ushering in a new era of decentralized derivatives trading and paving the way for further innovation and adoption within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.