LISTA Stablecoin Surges 18% On Launch; DWF Labs and Whales Reap Significant Gains

LISTA (LISTA), a decentralized stablecoin system with liquid staking, experienced an 18% price increase upon its launch on major exchanges, including Binance. This listing marks a significant milestone for LISTA.

DWF Labs (@DWFLabs) is reportedly the market maker for @lista_dao. In the two days preceding the listing, DWF Labs received 10 million LISTA tokens from the project and transferred them to various centralized exchanges: 2.5 million LISTA to Bitget, 2 million to Binance, 1.5 million to MEXC, 850,000 to Gateio, and 850,000 to KuCoin.

A few hours ago, DWF Labs also received 32,339 pledged airdrops. At the Whales Market OTC price of $0.5482, this results in a profit of $17,728. Additionally, DWF Labs pledged 8,011 BNB to LISTA a month ago at an average price of $601 per BNB on May 25, resulting in a maximum floating profit of $960,000. As of today, this position is break-even.

LISTA Whales And Airdrops Wallet Claims 

One significant beneficiary of the LISTA airdrop is the address 0x4ce…f3c8d, which received 5.84 million LISTA, valued at $4 million, making it the top personal recipient.

Moreover, this whale’s gains from staking BNB have been impressive. The gains during the staking period reached $9.98 million, bringing the total gains over four months to $13.98 million, with a remarkable return rate of 94%.

This whale pledged a total of 41,077 BNB, worth $14.77 million, to LISTA between February 4, 2023, and March 10, 2024, when BNB was priced at $359. All BNBs were redeemed on April 29 and May 23.

The strategic moves by DWF Labs and prominent whales highlight the lucrative opportunities within the cryptocurrency market, especially with the successful launch of LISTA.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.