Smart Money Accumulates $wQUIL, Ranks Among Top Holdings Alongside $MAGA and $MKR

Smart Money has been actively accumulating $wQUIL over the past 24 hours, propelling it to the top three on the accumulation chart, just behind $MAGA and $MKR.

Significant purchases by Smart Dex Traders and Smart Money highlight this trend.

Eight hours ago, wallet 0x64ba, with a win rate of 47.06%, bought 392.89K $wQUIL, valued at approximately $83,509, at an average price of $0.2145.

Nine hours ago, wallet 0xcd74, which has a win rate of 27.27%, acquired 274.75K $wQUIL for about $56,321 at an average price of $0.2059. Ten hours ago, wallet 0x3ba2, boasting a win rate of 43.21%, purchased 213.56K $wQUIL for roughly $40,610 at an average price of $0.1894.

Notable $wQUIL Transaction To Monitor 

Particularly notable is the activity of an insider wallet, 0xcd5b3, which swapped $452K worth of $APU for 2.5 million $wQUIL, approximately valued at $460K, over the past week. This wallet now holds 3.6 million $wQUIL, worth about $817,490.

Previously, this wallet swapped 370 million $WOJAK, valued at $160K, to acquire 7.26 billion $APU, worth $241K, and made a profit of $1.35 million with $APU, a gain of 1,857%. The wallet continues to hold 3.82 billion $APU, valued at $1.87 million.

These activities underscore the increasing interest and confidence in $wQUIL among Smart Money and Smart Dex Traders. The strategic accumulation and substantial investments suggest a bullish sentiment towards $wQUIL’s potential. As the crypto market continues to evolve, these significant transactions highlight the importance of monitoring insider activities and Smart Money movements to understand emerging trends and opportunities.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.