Sonne Finance Suffers $20M Exploit Due To Vulnerability In Compound v2 Forks

Sonne Finance, a decentralized lending protocol on the Optimism network, has experienced a significant security breach, resulting in losses amounting to approximately $20 million.

The project, in a post-mortem report, disclosed that the exploit stemmed from a vulnerability in Compound v2 forks.

In response to the attack, Sonne Finance swiftly paused the markets to prevent further damages. Despite these efforts, the team has acknowledged that they are currently unable to recover the stolen funds. However, the investigation into the identity of the exploiter is ongoing.

Sonne Finance has extended an olive branch to the attacker, offering a bounty in exchange for the return of the funds. The team has also pledged not to pursue any further action against the exploiter if the funds are returned. In their statement, Sonne expressed their deep regret over the incident and emphasized that they are exhausting all possible avenues to recover the lost assets. They are in contact with various entities that might assist in the recovery process.

Sonne Price Action And Further Plans 

The exploit has had a severe impact on the value of Sonne’s native token, $SONNE, which has plummeted by over 55% in the wake of the incident. This dramatic decline underscores the significant repercussions that security vulnerabilities can have on decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

Sonne Finance’s proactive steps, including pausing the markets and offering a bounty, highlight the complex and often reactive nature of handling security breaches in the DeFi space. The situation remains fluid as the team continues its efforts to identify the exploiter and recover the stolen funds.

In the aftermath, Sonne Finance has reassured its community that they are committed to rectifying the situation and enhancing security measures to prevent future incidents. The project’s transparency and willingness to engage with the community and potential allies in the recovery effort reflect a broader trend in DeFi towards accountability and rapid response to security threats.

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