Market Analysis

Smart Trader 0x8d73 Buys $500K In ENS Despite Bearish Market Trends

In a surprising move, smart trader 0x8d73 has purchased approximately $500K worth of ENS tokens, even as both $BTC and $ENS prices are declining.

According to data from, this trader has acquired 18.39K ENS tokens in the past 16 hours.

Shortly after the acquisition, 15.49K ENS tokens, valued at around $414K, were transferred to a storage wallet, 0x021ce. This wallet now holds a total of 18K ENS tokens, worth roughly $452K.

Trader 0x8d73, known for a win rate of 42% and involvement in some meme coins, has primarily focused his current portfolio on holding ENS. This strategic move comes amid a broader bearish sentiment in the market, particularly affecting LDO, a token representative of the staking sector.

With the EthereumETF expected to begin trading soon, questions arise about the future sentiment of ENS. Given the current market trends, the bearish outlook for LDO might indicate a similar sentiment for ENS.

As the market awaits further developments, the actions of influential traders like 0x8d73 will undoubtedly be closely watched for signs of emerging trends and potential market shifts.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.